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For Franchisors

We help brands create sustainable growth and drive maximum value for both brand stakeholders and franchisees. With deep experience and a network of expert development, financial, real estate, legal, marketing, technology and other growth partners, Catalyst Insight Group acts as an extended part of a brand’s leadership team. We partner with leadership to address difficult strategic questions and growth challenges with an eye toward preparing the brand for maximum exit valuation. Our clients range from emerging brands looking for smart design, advisory services, capital planning and exit coaching, to established franchisors who are looking to solve growth challenges, develop new initiatives, address operational challenges, or create new go-to-market approaches.

For Non-Franchised Multi-Unit Brands

Catalyst Insight Group helps non-franchised multi-unit brands achieve transformational growth through either launching a best practices franchising strategy or employing franchising operational best practices throughout existing units.

For Private Equity

Catalyst Insight Group is a due diligence partner to identify risk and develop a post-acquisition plan to maximize ROI.  Our private equity clients leverage our due diligence expertise to uncover the true value potential within brands together with strategic recommendations to extract maximum upside from those investments. We also create breakout strategies for existing portfolio investments that have stalled or failed to grow to get those brands back on track, and thus create more lucrative exit outcomes.  Lastly, with our industry knowledge, we advise clients on timing -- when to exit -- as markets are constantly changing. 

For Lenders

About $2.8 billion in SBA loans go to franchisees annually.  Catalyst Insight Group works with bank and non-bank financial institutions to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity while helping them to mitigate franchise loan portfolio risk.  We provide in-depth risk analysis of potential brands and define credit criteria for the borrowers from each concept to help them rapidly build low-risk franchise portfolios. 

For Franchisees

We help large, multi-unit franchisees grow, restructure, acquire their franchisor, or find the right exit strategy.  We provide recommendations on complementary brands for expansion combined with capital lending solutions to execute on growth objectives.  We also help new franchisees refine business plans, project costs and projections, and identify financing sources and key vendor relationships.

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