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Core Competencies

Capital Planning & Execution


The team at Catalyst works with management teams to develop strategic bank relationships (“SBRs”) for the brand.  An SBR is a collaborative effort between lender and franchisor to set up a predictable model for franchise financing. Specifically created for start-up and expanding franchisees, the program is limited to franchise systems with measured performance and experience within their market segment.  SBR financing can also be used for debt restructuring and brand reimaging campaigns.


An SBR provides the following advantages to a brand:


            Validation of the Brand by a Financial Institution

            Availability of Capital to Finance Expansion and Renovation

            Predictability of Access to Capital 

            Direct Access to Bank Decision Makers

            Availability of Better Financing Terms

            Increased Working Capital for Franchisees

            Availability of Capital for All Credit Profiles

            Preferential Treatment of Franchisee Applicants

            Reduced Time to Apply for and Obtain Financing

            Positive Public Relations and Marketing Message


Financial Services — Catalyst also works with management teams to identify non-bank financial service providers to assist franchisees in financing unit level growth, remodels, and acquisitions.


  • Franchisee Finance

  • IRA Rollover Program (ROBS)

  • Fleet & Equipment Leasing

  • SBA Lending

  • Merchant Processing

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Gift Cards

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